Why Turkey for dental treatment, why DentRoyal?

Why Turkey for dental treatment, why DentRoyal?

Why should I choose a dental center in Turkey? Why should I choose DentRoyal in Izmir?

Turkey is one of the first countries to come to mind when we think about dental travel. DentRoyal is one of the first clinics to be thought of when it comes to Turkey Dental Package. Now let’s have a look: Why is DentRoyal in Turkey best for dental treatment?

Why should you choose Turkey for dental treatments?

Turkey is in the top ten countries recognized as a destination for medical tourism. Thousands of people from different countries come to Turkey every year for treatment and healthcare, as well as for holidays. Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of dental treatment. One of the most important reasons is that patients can receive high-quality services at more affordable prices than in the countries they live in, especially in different European countries.

In dental treatment, Turkey is a country that provides modern, high-quality services, has qualified personnel and advanced technological equipment. However, the prices are extremely attractive. At the same time, a visit to Turkey, which impresses with its great history and natural wealth, is in itself an appealing idea for dental treatment. All these factors make Turkey a center of attractiveness among the countries of the region, especially in the field of dental treatment and cosmetic surgery.

Why should you choose DentRoyal for dental treatments?

DentRoyal comes to mind when we think about dental treatment in Turkey and the dental center package in Turkey, with the quality of service it offers. DentRoyal presents a patient-oriented, aesthetic and conservative approach to dentistry that uses the most advanced possibilities offered by science and technology in dental treatment. Patients who safely entrust themselves to English-speaking experienced specialists, especially in the areas of implantology, surgery and aesthetics, leave DentRoyal very satisfied and recommend them to their environment.

Obtaining affordable, high-quality and reliable healthcare is one of the top reasons for choosing DentRoyal for your dental treatment. At DentRoyal, oral and dental health is treated as a whole with overall health and is treated with an individual preventive and therapeutic approach. But that’s not the only reason.

DentRoyal is preferred because it uses dental materials from a laboratory, which is just as important as the services of the doctor and clinic, however it does not influence the quality of the materials and can fully comply with the hygienic conditions. Because one of the most important factors enhancing the strength of DentRoyal is having a laboratory with the most modern equipment and technological systems developed in the world.

This laboratory, which implements hygiene principles at the highest level, has been opened to the whole world from Izmir in Turkey with over 150 employees. The fact that the laboratory is physically close to DentRoyal also allows immediate action to be taken without waiting. Lab officials said: “We are delighted to be serving DentRoyal in Turkey and offering our products, all of which are CE certified, with the highest quality standards, to Dent Royal’s doctors and patients who also provide high-quality services.”

The DentRoyal team, using languages such as English, German and Russian at the native level, can clearly answer all questions of interest to patients in the field of dental treatment. Patients are picked up at the airport, feel at home throughout the visit and are dropped off at the airport.

If you are researching a Dental Center Turkey package, we strongly recommend that you consult DentRoyal. Just call our patient consultants who are waiting for you on the other side of the phone. By making a video call, you can get detailed information and see the comfort of DentRoyal clinic. You will be in safe hands at DentRoyal when it comes to dental health and dental care.

Celebrities who changed with smile esthetics

Celebrities who changed with smile esthetics

Many names from the world of celebrities impress with their perfect smiles. Many of these smiles, which seem natural, are actually result of the hands of master dentists.

Katie Price: She is a passionate esthetics lover. She makes bold decisions for her esthetic appearance. Her esthetic smile has the signature of Turkish dentists.

Miley Cyrus: Years have made her appear younger and her teeth, which have a bright white appearance with the veneer, contributed greatly to this.

Hilary Duff:  The transformation of her teeth has started when she broke her front tooth with a microphone. Only one tooth was broken, but she preferred to have a magnificent smile by having all her teeth crowned.

Meghan Markle: Markle, had a gap between her front teeth which looked cute when she was a teenager, but she preferred to get rid of it in adulthood to have esthetic smile by getting veneers applied.

Nicolas Cage: He has such a brilliant smile. He encourages his fans with his smile. Does anyone disagree that his teeth played a leading role in Cage’s transformation?

Dental implant is not a painful treatment to be feared

Dental implant is not a painful treatment to be feared

Dental implant is one of the ideal treatment methods for restoring lost teeth and, accordingly, lost functionality and esthetics.

Dental implant
treatment broke new ground by offering an extremely comfortable and durable solution in order to eliminate missing teeth, lost smile due to missing teeth, and difficulty with chewing and speaking. However, the process of placing dental implants can be frightening to some for various reasons, especially pain. You should know that; If you have lost one or more of your teeth and/or your removable dentures are disturbing you, you should not be afraid of placing an implant to restore your smile.

If you are afraid of dental implant treatment, beware!

If you need dental implant treatment but are afraid to take action due to the thought of pain, we have great news for you: Dental implant is not a painful treatment to be feared. And in general, the dental implant treatment process is not a traumatic process. As a matter of fact, dental implant treatment is performed under local anesthesia and all stages from the beginning to the end of the process are performed by an implant surgery specialist.

If you are in safe hands, you will feel safe. One of the most important advantages of dental implant treatment is that it provides a long-term solution. When proper care is provided, in other words, oral hygiene is maintained and regular medical check-ups are provided, you can lead a comfortable life with your dental implants for more than 20 years. Of course, regular doctor controls are necessary for people who do not have implants, too.

High success rate in dental implant

We have achieved a high success and satisfaction rate in terms of osseointegration (bone-implant connection) with our dentists who are experts in dental implantology, our state-of-the-art devices, and the materials we use that we do not compromise on quality.

The secret of success in dental implants

Before performing the dental implant treatment, we examine our patients in detail and take their anamnesis. We determine the amount and quality of existing bone with radiological imaging works, which is one of the elements that will ensure the success of your dental implant placement.

This information also shows us whether if the anatomical structures adjacent to the space where the implant will be placed, both bone and gingiva, are in optimal condition. If you have a chronic disease such as diabetes, risk of osteoporosis or a special condition such as smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day, our surgeons will evaluate all these conditions and plan the most appropriate treatment plan for you. All these steps serve to eliminate the risk of failure in dental implant treatment.

Why are my teeth loose, and how can they be treated?

Why are my teeth loose, and how can they be treated?

Why are my teeth loose, and how can they be treated?

While loosening of a tooth in a childhood is usually a sign of a healthy transition period, it is opposite in adulthood. In adults, loosening of the teeth is usually caused by disorders of the gums or bone tissue surrounding the dental tissue. Loosening is an indication that the gums that lose their firmness over time and the structure surrounding the teeth can no longer hold the tooth in place.

Noticing that their teeth are loose can be alarming for an adult. Firstly, the reason of this situation should be determined. For instance, if the teeth started to loosen as a result of a hard object damage in the mouth area, your dentist may tell you that this situation is temporary. However, spontaneously receding gums, teeth appearance becoming longer, noticeable tooth mobility may give a sign that you have a non-temporary disease that must be treated by dentists.

The causes of periodontal (gum) disease can be exemplified as following:

Inadequate oral hygiene

The gum disease known as periodontitis, usually refers to an infection that occurs due to poor oral hygiene. It is one of the main causes of tooth loss even if there is no caries. It manifests itself with symptoms such as bleeding in gums, gingival recession, sensitivity in the gums, redness or swelling during brushing teeth.

Systemic diseases and some medications used regularly

In the presence of some diseases in which metabolic production activities are impaired, such as diabetes and cancer treatment, damage occurs in the tissues supporting the teeth. Also, with patients whose mouth breathing or salivery flow is slowed due to the medications used, gingival diseases may repeat, since the washing action of the saliva can not happen as supposed to.


Due to the increase in estrogen and progesterone hormones during pregnancy, tissues and bones in the mouth are also effected. Unusual changes in hormones can alter the periodontium of the bones and ligaments that support and hold teeth in place. When the periodontium is affected, one or more of the teeth may become loose, mostly temporary.


Factors such as hitting the teeth against a hard object, having a damage to the face, clenching/grinding of the teeth can also cause tooth loosening and loss. Many people may not be aware that they are clenching/grinding their teeth until it causes jaw pain.


Although popularly known with its effect on bones and affecting the spine, osteoporosis can also damage the jaw bones that support the teeth. Due to the decrease in the density of the jaw bones, the teeth may loosen and fall out.


Tooth loss is inevitable in smoking, which causes deterioration of the nutritional activity of the oral tissues.

Of course, the most important point is to take all the necessary steps to detect the disease, treat the disease and prevent further damage, with considering all the above-mentioned causes and other factors.

Teeth Loose

So how is it treated?

Removal of plaque and root surface correction

With this method, which we can describe as a kind of deep cleaning procedure, formations such as plaque on the surface of the teeth and on the tooth roots are removed, and it is aimed to provide a tight connection of the soft tissue to the tooth surface again, so that gum disease can be stopped and the lost tissue can be regained.

Medications or mouthwashes

In order to heal infected gums and fight bacteria in the mouth, your dentist may recommend medication and anti-inflammatory mouthwash to support optimum oral hygiene.

Surgical treatment

The aim of the surgery is to provide complete cleaning of the inflamed gingival tissue and the supporting tissue damaged by gingival disease by directly reaching the diseased area. If necessary, bone grafts can be used to help rebuild the lost bone.

Soft tissue grafts

In this application, which is also called gingival grafts, it is aimed to restore the protective tissue lost here by transferring the gingival tissue taken from a suitable healthy area of ​​the mouth to the diseased area.

Tooth extraction

If the loosened tooth cannot be saved or other treatment is not possible, your dentist may recommend the extraction of the relevant tooth. For the missing tooth area dental implant, bridge or removable prosthesis can be recommended depending on the size of the space. The bridge application is a fixed prosthesis application that sits on the teeth adjacent to the empty space. And a dental implant is an artificial tooth root in the form of a titanium screw that adapts the prosthetic tooth to the jawbone together with its root.

To protect your teeth and gum health

Brush your teeth twice a day.

Use dental floss once a day.

Do not smoke.

Get regular dental check up and teeth cleaning done.

If you have problems such as clenching or grinding, do not delay your treatment.

If you have chronic diseases, give importance to dentist follow-up.

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