Composite fillings are tooth-colored filling materials used for cavities in the anterior and posterior teeth. They are far superior to “old plastic fillings” that can only be used on anterior teeth with low chewing loads. You can safely take advantage of composite bonding Turkey.

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How Composite bonding is done?

To start the process of composite bonding, the dentist uses a color chart to select the color of the composite resin that best matches the color of your natural teeth.

After the decay is removed and a permanent tooth cavity is formed, the plastically shaped composite is laminated together by the dentist.

The dentist applies a composite resin to the fluid, shapes or models the tooth, and then cures the material with ultraviolet light. The modern composite filler is light-cured: the plastic part cures under the influence of blue light. The light waves cause the molecules of the liquid base to form long chains.

If necessary, the dentist can shape a tooth after the composite material has hardened. Typically, the bonding process of the composite takes 30 to 60 minutes. Sometimes it may take longer depending on the scope of the process.

Composite Bonding Turkey

Why Composite bonding is done?

Composite bonding can correct a defect or a cavity in a tooth. A bond can be used to repair a decayed, cracked or discolored tooth.

For composite bonding, you can arrange the tooth size. For example, you have a shorter tooth than the others and you want them all to be the same length.

Composite bonding can improve the appearance of slightly crooked teeth. By adding a little bit of resin in strategic places, your dentist can hide or mask uneven teeth and improve the appearance of your smile.

A composite bonding can also be used to improve the aesthetics of the lower teeth, but there are some factors to consider before doing this, such as the patient’s bite and how the lower and upper teeth are joined. If the patient has bruxism or teeth grinding, composite bonding is not a good option as the composite resin is not strong enough to withstand the forces and may break.

Composite bonding is a very good option to close small gaps between teeth. Whether in a single space or multiple small spaces between all teeth, bonding can achieve great results.

The Composite Bonding Turkey process is very durable thanks to the developing technology and ensures that the normal tooth is stronger. As long as you continue with your dental routine, you can live up to 20 years with healthy fillings thanks to this treatment.

Are there any risks of Composite bonding Turkey?

Composite bonding Turkey applications are not very risky. It should be remembered that the composite material used in these treatments is not as strong as your natural teeth. It is possible for the material to break or separate from the real tooth. If you bite into hard food or candies, the composite filling may burst. However, in the case of a crown, veneer or filling, chipping or cracking often does not happen.

The resin is also not as stain resistant as other dental materials. A slight change in color can be observed with excessive consumption of coffee or cigarettes.

Composite Bonding Turkey

How the tooth is prepared for composite bonding?

Composite bonding Turkey does not require any special preparation. However, you should consult your dentist to find out if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure.

In the case of large caries or damage to the tooth, the bond may not work. You may need other dental treatment instead.

How to care for teeth after composite bonding?

Taking good care of your teeth helps extend the life of a composite tooth. Self-care tips include:

  • Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily
  • Avoiding hard foods and sugar
  • Not biting your nails
  •  Avoiding tea, coffee and cigarettes for the first two days after treatment to prevent staining
  • Scheduling regular professional tooth cleaning every six months

See your dentist if you accidentally break the adhesive or feel sharp or frayed edges after the procedure.

A healthy smile strengthens your self-confidence. If you have discoloration, chipped teeth or gaps and are looking for an inexpensive repair, you can contact DentRoyal Dental Clinic for information and a offer on composite bonding Turkey.

Our dentists can decide if this procedure is right for you, and if not, suggest other options for improving the appearance of your teeth.