Dental Implants İzmir

Dental Implants İzmir

Dental Implants İzmir – Dental implants are an aesthetic and durable tooth replacement. Thanks to the application of the implant, the patient can use it at the maximum level while having an aesthetically pleasing prosthesis. Thanks to the dental implantation procedure, it is possible to perfectly fill not only some gaps, but, if necessary, all teeth in the oral cavity.

Their use requires individual pretreatment, planning and appropriate care. In order not to complicate the implant placement process, it is important to plan the procedure individually. Each tooth and mouth structure is individual. Requires planning regarding drilling and implant placement.

In which cases is dental implantation a solution?

In the case of missing teeth in the posterior region, it is possible to get rid of the use of a removable prosthesis by inserting an implant. After implantation, you regain the full chewing function. Removable dentures can be uncomfortable, especially if all your teeth are missing. Tooth implantation significantly improves the quality of life.

Dental Implants İzmir

Why is it important to fill dental cavities in the mouth?

Although the prices of implants may seem high at first glance, it is worth considering that this is usually a one-time procedure and a high-quality implant accompanies a person throughout his life. On the other hand, find out why it is important to fill the gap and what causes missing teeth in the long run.

Missing teeth can be bothersome, especially in the front teeth, but it not only causes a feeling of embarrassment because of the front teeth. For many patients, even knowing that they are missing a tooth is enough to embarrass them. Confidence is falling. Such people tend to smile less, and even then they try to close their mouths.

Tooth deficiencies can cause aesthetic problems in a number of ways in the future. If the teeth near the hole are not replaced, they will begin to slide inward towards the void and cause a crooked appearance. At first glance, this does not seem to be a serious problem, but in this case the entire tooth is not moving. For this reason, when chewing, the load hits the tooth at a different angle, which causes the tooth to loosen first and then to lose it.

Opposite the gap, the tooth in the opposite jaw also begins to grow outward. The reason for this is that the body is trying to compensate for the lack of bones in this way. However, such a solution may result in additional tooth loss in the long run. In addition, cavities in the teeth can cause jaw weakness and facial asymmetry over time.

How is dental implant surgery performed?

Dental implantation is usually performed under local anesthesia. After proper anesthesia, “numbness” appears quickly, making the operation painless. Our attending physician prepares the implant bed using tools of various sizes, and then places it in the previously planned position. The implant is placed in the jaw, and then the edges of the wound are sutured. If no incision is made during the procedure, there is no need for suturing.

Dental Implants İzmir

Advantages of having dental implants İzmir

The biggest advantage is that the cost of new teeth is more affordable. The fact that the treatment is associated with relaxation in a sunny country, on the beach, in combination with a 4 or 5-star hotel makes the subject more attractive.

As with normal practice in Europe, the savings that can be achieved with dental implants abroad come from the combination of the cost of the dental implant itself, the cost of the laboratory prostheses and the salary of the general practitioner. Since material costs are roughly the same worldwide, savings in wages are the biggest factor.

Disadvantages of having dental implants İzmir

A dental implant may incur additional costs. You should always take this into account when calculating in advance as you are responsible for travel and accommodation yourself. Onward travel may need to be considered as treatment practice is often responsible for follow-up care. In addition, there is a risk of complications related to the dental implant that could lead to a return visit.

What should you consider?

Even if the implantation is successful, the prosthesis attached to the implant must fit 100%. If not, a correction is required. Therefore, you should plan your financial situation for an extension of your vacation or other unforeseen visit to the dentist abroad. The possible risks and the time component should not be underestimated.

While the language barrier is no longer as significant for both patients and doctors as it was a few years ago, it still needs to be considered. Knowing that there is someone at the clinic of your choice with whom you can communicate freely will make you feel safe.