Dental Implants İzmir

Dental Implants İzmir

Dental Implants İzmir – Dental implants are an aesthetic and durable tooth replacement. Thanks to the application of the implant, the patient can use it at the maximum level while having an aesthetically pleasing prosthesis. Thanks to the dental implantation procedure, it is possible to perfectly fill not only some gaps, but, if necessary, all teeth in the oral cavity.

Their use requires individual pretreatment, planning and appropriate care. In order not to complicate the implant placement process, it is important to plan the procedure individually. Each tooth and mouth structure is individual. Requires planning regarding drilling and implant placement.

In which cases is dental implantation a solution?

In the case of missing teeth in the posterior region, it is possible to get rid of the use of a removable prosthesis by inserting an implant. After implantation, you regain the full chewing function. Removable dentures can be uncomfortable, especially if all your teeth are missing. Tooth implantation significantly improves the quality of life.

Dental Implants İzmir

Why is it important to fill dental cavities in the mouth?

Although the prices of implants may seem high at first glance, it is worth considering that this is usually a one-time procedure and a high-quality implant accompanies a person throughout his life. On the other hand, find out why it is important to fill the gap and what causes missing teeth in the long run.

Missing teeth can be bothersome, especially in the front teeth, but it not only causes a feeling of embarrassment because of the front teeth. For many patients, even knowing that they are missing a tooth is enough to embarrass them. Confidence is falling. Such people tend to smile less, and even then they try to close their mouths.

Tooth deficiencies can cause aesthetic problems in a number of ways in the future. If the teeth near the hole are not replaced, they will begin to slide inward towards the void and cause a crooked appearance. At first glance, this does not seem to be a serious problem, but in this case the entire tooth is not moving. For this reason, when chewing, the load hits the tooth at a different angle, which causes the tooth to loosen first and then to lose it.

Opposite the gap, the tooth in the opposite jaw also begins to grow outward. The reason for this is that the body is trying to compensate for the lack of bones in this way. However, such a solution may result in additional tooth loss in the long run. In addition, cavities in the teeth can cause jaw weakness and facial asymmetry over time.

How is dental implant surgery performed?

Dental implantation is usually performed under local anesthesia. After proper anesthesia, “numbness” appears quickly, making the operation painless. Our attending physician prepares the implant bed using tools of various sizes, and then places it in the previously planned position. The implant is placed in the jaw, and then the edges of the wound are sutured. If no incision is made during the procedure, there is no need for suturing.

Dental Implants İzmir

Advantages of having dental implants İzmir

The biggest advantage is that the cost of new teeth is more affordable. The fact that the treatment is associated with relaxation in a sunny country, on the beach, in combination with a 4 or 5-star hotel makes the subject more attractive.

As with normal practice in Europe, the savings that can be achieved with dental implants abroad come from the combination of the cost of the dental implant itself, the cost of the laboratory prostheses and the salary of the general practitioner. Since material costs are roughly the same worldwide, savings in wages are the biggest factor.

Disadvantages of having dental implants İzmir

A dental implant may incur additional costs. You should always take this into account when calculating in advance as you are responsible for travel and accommodation yourself. Onward travel may need to be considered as treatment practice is often responsible for follow-up care. In addition, there is a risk of complications related to the dental implant that could lead to a return visit.

What should you consider?

Even if the implantation is successful, the prosthesis attached to the implant must fit 100%. If not, a correction is required. Therefore, you should plan your financial situation for an extension of your vacation or other unforeseen visit to the dentist abroad. The possible risks and the time component should not be underestimated.

While the language barrier is no longer as significant for both patients and doctors as it was a few years ago, it still needs to be considered. Knowing that there is someone at the clinic of your choice with whom you can communicate freely will make you feel safe.

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir

Before deciding to choose a dental clinic abroad, for example a dental clinic in Turkey, and before starting treatment, we should inform ourselves well in advance. There are hundreds of dental clinics in Turkey, so it is very important to carefully check the quality of treatment and the necessary precautions in advance. Let us share some information about what criteria you can use to choose the best dental clinic in Izmir with the most affordable price-performance ratio.


The key criterion is the quality of the materials used. It is important what kind of implants are used and what material the crowns or bridges are made of. Because we will wear them in our mouths for a very long time. You should only visit clinics that work with premium materials and are CE certified. Manufacturers or clinics that use them frequently offer long warranty periods.


Another important issue is the guarantee. Even after the examination is performed perfectly, complications may arise, mainly due to individual circumstances. For this reason, we should choose a clinic where the guaranty issue is handled with care and where dentists are available for follow-up care.

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir


Before deciding to start treatment in a place, it is worth meeting with people who have been treated there before. In this way, the necessary trust can be built. For this reason, it is also recommended to check the opinions of former patients on the Internet.

Read customer reviews about the dental clinic. There you can find out about both positive and negative customer experiences. Many clinics share the views of real patients who have completed treatment on their websites or social media accounts. This allows you to see the results of people who have undergone various procedures.

Professional service

The essence of treatment is to treat the patient with respect. Due to negative experiences in childhood or adulthood, many people avoid meaningful dental treatment. For this reason, it is especially important for anxious patients that the rehabilitation of the teeth and jaw area is painless and does not strain the nerves. A good dentist should have excellent communication skills so that procedures can be explained in a non-threatening manner.

A good oral hygienist always knows what’s best for the patient. Listening to patients’ opinions is a good way to find a balance between professional judgment and individual preferences. This guarantees full customer satisfaction.

A reliable clinic will answer your questions or doubts within a few hours. It is characterized by service, professionalism and good organization, which is worth spending money on.

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir


As a patient, it is very important to always be informed about everything. It is very reassuring that the website of the clinic is well organized and already provides clear explanations to your question. It can be expected that today there is a sufficient quantity and quality of photos, both about the clinic and the doctors and staff. If we cannot get an immediate answer to everything, it would be good if you could communicate freely with the clinic staff and of course only in your mother tongue. A quick response is always a sign of the clinic’s trustworthiness, so you should always follow that route to be sure.


We should always find out about the chief doctor of the dental clinic, because he is the main person responsible for the quality of the teeth. The dentist’s qualifications should be listed as precisely as possible on the website.

A professional dentist must meet higher standards and strive for excellence in all areas of their specialization. You can get to know a good dentist thoroughly and professionally by spending time with each patient and by providing a calm and relaxing environment.

An experienced, well-trained dentist will never use the wrong materials or collaborate with a third-tier dental laboratory.

Patient reviews also say a lot about dentists, both professionally and personally. In this way, you can evaluate doctors in terms of attitude and reliability.

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir

First Consultation

When assessing the value for money, we must always put attention to the quality of the materials used, as well as the professionalism of doctors and staff, e.g. the way work is organized. If there is a possibility of a preliminary examination, the opinion can be obtained without any obligation.

When patients report to a new office, the dentist should conduct a detailed initial consultation. Questions are asked about existing diseases and possible treatment needs, such as caries, periodontitis, or other underlying diseases. A thorough initial examination is very helpful, so that the dentist can form his own picture of the health of the teeth and gums.

DentRoyal is one of the best dental clinics in Izmir with its professional service. In order to get opinions about your dental treatments and if you want to make an appointment to perform your dental treatment in Turkey you can reach DentRoyal the Oral and Dental Health Clinic at +44 20 4525 4319 or at

Smile Dental Turkey

Smile Dental Turkey

Smile Dental Turkey – Thousands of European patients visit Turkish dental clinics for dental treatments such as implants, veneers and crowns. People from Great Britain, Ireland, France or Scandinavian countries choose Turkey as dental tourism because of the excellent quality and service they get for the rational price.

You can come to Turkey from all over Europe with inexpensive airline tickets and short flights. Whether your dental treatment is a dental implant or an aesthetic smile, coming to a dental clinic in Turkey is a very logical option. You can save up to thousands of euros for the same operation you perform in your European country.

Turkish dentists are recognized around the world for their outstanding qualifications, knowledge and practical experience. Turkey is famous all over the world for its high standards and advanced medical procedures. Turkish doctors conduct international training and practice. Dental treatment in Turkey takes place in clinics with the use of the most modern devices and equipment.

Smile Dental Turkey

Which dental treatments can be performed in Turkey?

You can find any dental treatment you need. However, dental implants, crowns and veneers are the most popular because of the huge difference in price and general needs.

Cosmetic dentistry is also very expensive in Western Europe, so patients can save a significant amount of money if they decide to design their smile in Turkey. This cosmetic procedure is usually performed with full porcelain crowns or zirconium crowns attached to the front teeth.

Why are dental treatment prices cheaper in Turkey?

It can be assumed that the result of lower prices is lower maintenance standards and outdated equipment, but the opposite is true. Dental care in Turkey is of a very high standard. Many dental clinics in Turkey are equipped with the most modern equipment and offer a level of care far above many clinics in the UK.

In fact, it is the overheads of the business that largely determine the cost of treatment. For example, renting a workplace in Izmir is not as expensive as in London. Things like utilities, salaries and living expenses are also cheaper.

Smile Dental Turkey

These savings add up quickly and mean that dentists can offer their services at a relatively low cost. With higher profit margins, they can invest more in equipment and devices to improve their patients’ experience.

Dental tourism itself has also contributed to keeping prices low and standards high. As they are open to patients from countries like England, France and Germany, clinics in Turkey compete with each other to provide the best possible service.

Do your own research by checking online reviews of dental tourism in Turkey and making sure that the clinic you choose offers the standard of care you need.

When is the best time to visit?

Our dentists in Turkey serve all year round. Therefore, you can visit at any time throughout the year. As in most European climates, temperatures vary considerably from summer to winter. Therefore, do not forget to come prepared for the weather conditions at the time you choose to visit.

Accommodation and other travel options are available more in summer. But it’s also the peak time of the tourist season. Spring and fall months are milder. You can find cheaper flight and accommodation options during these months.

Smile Dental Turkey

Dental Tourism in Turkey

You can effortlessly combine your dental treatment abroad with a pleasant vacation. Izmir is a particularly relaxing place to recover after a dental treatment. There are many travel and vacation options to help relieve fatigue after a day in the dentist’s chair.

DentRoal is a dental clinic that provides professional and high-quality dental treatments in Izmir, Turkey. The DentRoyal Dental Clinic cares for you at every stage, from regular check-ups to full dental procedures, to keep your smile happy and healthy. It has expert dentists and sufficient staff working in perfect coordination to offer you treatments in all possible fields of dentistry.

We offer a full dental service to meet everything related to your dental health at the highest level. You can avail of the services of initial screening and consultation, treatment plan creation and pricing via e-mail.

How long does a patient stay in Turkey?

ourse individual and depends on the type of surgical intervention. However, it can be said that the treatments take an average of 6-8 days. During these 6-8 days, you will spend approximately 10 hours at the dental clinic.

Root Canal Turkey Price

Root Canal Turkey Price

If the pulp becomes inflamed, root canal treatment offers a chance to prevent tooth loss and preserve the diseased tooth, even if it is just dead. There are big differences in the techniques of root canal treatment, which of course also applies to the cost of the treatment.

Turkish holiday resorts are attracting more and more tourists, not only because of the Mediterranean beaches, but also for inexpensive dental treatments. Root canal Turkey price ranges from 100-150 €.

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

The more complex the procedure, the higher the price. This rule also applies to the calculation of root canal treatment. The most important Root canal Turkey price factors can be listed as follows:

• Treatment method or technique

• Filling material used

• Initial treatment or revision treatment

• Root canal treatment with or without root tip resection

• Position and shape of the tooth

Some of these factors depend on an appropriate diagnosis and cannot be changed. For example, the location and characteristics of the affected tooth. However, you have a lot of room for action in the chosen treatment plan.

Root canal Turkey price

How do Root canal Turkey price differ according to the chosen method?

Root canal treatment is a relatively complex procedure, but recommended in many cases. A root canal treated tooth can often remain in place for years or decades. Modern dentistry offers several methods of root canal treatment.

In the case of root canal treatment, you pay for puncturing the tooth enamel and roots, cleaning and sealing the root canals, and restoring the tooth crown with filling.

Root canals are traditionally prepared with nickel titanium hand tools. Before root canal treatment, you receive an individual treatment plan and cost estimate detailing all stages of work. The costs mentioned for this purpose include both the doctor’s fee and the costs of materials and equipment used.

Additional costs of root canal treatment result mainly from the use of special techniques and devices that improve the quality of treatment and thus increase the chances of success.

The special treatment methods applied in root canal treatment are as follows:

  • Electronic determination of root canal length
  • Use of surgical microscopes
  • Cleaning and disinfection of root canals with a dental laser or chemical-physical methods (e.g. ozonation)
Root canal Turkey price

How does the chosen material affect the Root canal Turkey price?

The materials used also affect the cost of root canal treatment. Root canals are always sealed with a special dental glue. Therefore, the material problem mainly concerns the reconstruction of the tooth crown, i.e. the visible part of the tooth.

In root canal treatment, the perforated crown is closed again. Traditionally, this is done with a conventional dental filling. Some dentists still use amalgam, a metal alloy containing mercury, especially in the invisible area of molars. At the Dentroyal Dental Clinic, we constantly produce modern, well-tolerated and at the same time aesthetic solutions. Instead of amalgam fillings, we also recommend composite or ceramic fillings for root canal treatment.

A solution that meets not only the functional but also aesthetic requirements for root canal treatment is more and more desirable. This is even more true if the root treated tooth is in the visible anterior or anterior lateral region.

Tooth-colored composites or ceramic fillings are suitable materials. Aesthetic fillings are usually more expensive because they are more complex and durable.

How much does revision therapy cost?

If initial root canal treatment fails, the tooth may need to be re-drilled. The canal may have been overlooked or not sufficiently cleaned to contain inflammation during the initial surgery. Revision therapy is complex and costly. However, in most cases it is recommended because if treatment fails, the tooth must be removed later.

What is the cost of root tip resection?

In root apex resection, the inflamed root tip of the tooth is surgically separated to close the root canal from below. Here, too, the costs depend on the time required and the complexity of the intervention.

Root canal Turkey price

How does the position of the tooth affect the cost of root canal treatment?

Finally, the cost of root canal treatment also depends on the location of the inflamed tooth in the jaw. This is related, on the one hand, to the number of root canals and, on the other hand, to the availability of a dentist.

Incisors and canines have only one root canal, while premolars can have up to three root canals, and molars can have up to six root canals.

During root canal treatment, each canal is prepared individually, i.e. lightly drilled, cleaned of pulp inflammation and disinfected..

As mentioned earlier in the section on filling materials, the cost of root canal treatment also depends on the location of the tooth. Since the rear part of the jaw is invisible, expensive filling materials can be dispensed with for root treatment. There is an attractive saving potential for price conscious patients.

While aesthetics plays a very small role in molars, aesthetic restorations are recommended for root canal treatment in the visible anterior region. Depending on the patient’s wishes, the cost may be slightly higher, because natural-colored fillings that perfectly match the natural tooth tissue are slightly more expensive.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

If you’ve lost your own teeth, full-mouth dental implants can provide you with an excellent quality of life. In this article, we will talk about the full mouth dental implants Turkey price list.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a form of replacing a lost tooth. The implants are placed in the jaw bone and are as solid as a real tooth when finished. Dental crowns, dental bridges or removable dentures are attached to the implant, that is, to the artificial tooth root.

Dental implant costs: What factors determine the price of the implant?

Several factors influence the cost of dental implants. For example, if you have a pre-existing condition such as periodontitis, that condition should first be treated before dental implants are placed. Occasionally, your dentist may need to do a few additional tests to diagnose the need for implants. These are additional cost factors. But the deciding factor is the cost of the treatment: How many dental implants are implanted? Is your bone worn out and requires a bone augmentation first?

The cost of a dental implant depends primarily on:

  •  Number of implants
  •  Implant material (usually titanium)
  •  Laboratory costs
  •  Dental Fee
  •  Possible preparation costs
  •  Is jaw bone formation necessary before dental implant placement?
Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

Additional implant costs due to bone formation

Implants can only be placed in healthy jaws. If the periodontium is already inflamed and the bone is broken, you cannot implant directly. Both the treatment of periodontitis and the formation of the jaw bone are in this case a necessary condition for implantation. Only then can dental implants be firmly fixed in the jaw.

The costs of bone augmentation are usually not covered by statutory health insurance. The patient must undertake this service himself. This can further increase the cost of dental implants.

There are several procedures for bone augmentation. For example, a sinus lift is performed to form bone in the side jaw.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

Due to the above factors, it is not possible to provide a single valid fee for implant treatment of the entire oral cavity. However, in cases where additional costs are not required, the cost of a single tooth implantation is € 330 at DentRoyal clinic.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

How is full mouth dental implants treatment applied?

Although all oral implant treatment procedures seem to be quite difficult, thanks to the correct diagnosis and careful observation of the process, they can be performed without any problems.

1. Accurate anamnesis

X-rays are taken in advance. Basically, every patient is carefully examined and treated for tooth decay or gingivitis. In this way, any existing finds are looked after before implant treatment. Thus, treatment with dental implants achieves lasting success.

Before placing the implant, the dentist will also check whether or not bone augmentation should be performed

2. Reaching the bone

During the examination, the dentist determines whether the patient has a solid bone structure. If you have a solid, strong jawbone, there is no need for bone healing. In some implant systems, direct implantation without an abutment is also possible. However, it is possible only in exceptional cases and in the situation of simple implants on which removable dentures are attached. If augmentation cannot be performed on a patient, such implants may be an option.

The bases of the implants, where the implants can then be securely and tightly aligned, are prepared with special drill bits. Typically, a drilling template is used for this, which determines the exact direction and the correct angle.

3. The implant is placed

Once the implant base is ready, the implants can be fully inserted into the bone. This process is called implant placement. Accurate positioning is essential to avoid nerve damage and also to ensure proper fit of the dentures or prosthesis.

4. Healing of the implant

The healing process usually takes two to three months for dental implants in the lower jaw and four to six months for implants in the upper jaw.

The difference in the healing process comes from the greater bone density in the lower jaw. The dental implant can then be made for separate applications such as crown veneers or other dentures.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

How long does full mouth dental implant treatment take?

In most cases, insertion takes no more than 60 to 90 minutes. But it always depends on the general conditions of the individual case. Each patient has to be considered individually, so care can be very different. If you have a two-step procedure, the recovery period will be 3-6 months.

What are the risks of implant treatment for your teeth?

As implantology is now part of the standard repertoire of most dentists, the risks are manageable. However, since implant treatment is a surgical procedure, complications cannot be ignored.

For example, the gums can become inflamed. Inflammation can spread to the jaw bone and even cause bone loss.

Before implant treatment, the dentist should inform you about possible dangers and make a detailed diagnosis.