Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

If you’ve lost your own teeth, full-mouth dental implants can provide you with an excellent quality of life. In this article, we will talk about the full mouth dental implants Turkey price list.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a form of replacing a lost tooth. The implants are placed in the jaw bone and are as solid as a real tooth when finished. Dental crowns, dental bridges or removable dentures are attached to the implant, that is, to the artificial tooth root.

Dental implant costs: What factors determine the price of the implant?

Several factors influence the cost of dental implants. For example, if you have a pre-existing condition such as periodontitis, that condition should first be treated before dental implants are placed. Occasionally, your dentist may need to do a few additional tests to diagnose the need for implants. These are additional cost factors. But the deciding factor is the cost of the treatment: How many dental implants are implanted? Is your bone worn out and requires a bone augmentation first?

The cost of a dental implant depends primarily on:

  •  Number of implants
  •  Implant material (usually titanium)
  •  Laboratory costs
  •  Dental Fee
  •  Possible preparation costs
  •  Is jaw bone formation necessary before dental implant placement?
Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

Additional implant costs due to bone formation

Implants can only be placed in healthy jaws. If the periodontium is already inflamed and the bone is broken, you cannot implant directly. Both the treatment of periodontitis and the formation of the jaw bone are in this case a necessary condition for implantation. Only then can dental implants be firmly fixed in the jaw.

The costs of bone augmentation are usually not covered by statutory health insurance. The patient must undertake this service himself. This can further increase the cost of dental implants.

There are several procedures for bone augmentation. For example, a sinus lift is performed to form bone in the side jaw.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

Due to the above factors, it is not possible to provide a single valid fee for implant treatment of the entire oral cavity. However, in cases where additional costs are not required, the cost of a single tooth implantation is € 330 at DentRoyal clinic.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

How is full mouth dental implants treatment applied?

Although all oral implant treatment procedures seem to be quite difficult, thanks to the correct diagnosis and careful observation of the process, they can be performed without any problems.

1. Accurate anamnesis

X-rays are taken in advance. Basically, every patient is carefully examined and treated for tooth decay or gingivitis. In this way, any existing finds are looked after before implant treatment. Thus, treatment with dental implants achieves lasting success.

Before placing the implant, the dentist will also check whether or not bone augmentation should be performed

2. Reaching the bone

During the examination, the dentist determines whether the patient has a solid bone structure. If you have a solid, strong jawbone, there is no need for bone healing. In some implant systems, direct implantation without an abutment is also possible. However, it is possible only in exceptional cases and in the situation of simple implants on which removable dentures are attached. If augmentation cannot be performed on a patient, such implants may be an option.

The bases of the implants, where the implants can then be securely and tightly aligned, are prepared with special drill bits. Typically, a drilling template is used for this, which determines the exact direction and the correct angle.

3. The implant is placed

Once the implant base is ready, the implants can be fully inserted into the bone. This process is called implant placement. Accurate positioning is essential to avoid nerve damage and also to ensure proper fit of the dentures or prosthesis.

4. Healing of the implant

The healing process usually takes two to three months for dental implants in the lower jaw and four to six months for implants in the upper jaw.

The difference in the healing process comes from the greater bone density in the lower jaw. The dental implant can then be made for separate applications such as crown veneers or other dentures.

Full mouth dental implants Turkey price list

How long does full mouth dental implant treatment take?

In most cases, insertion takes no more than 60 to 90 minutes. But it always depends on the general conditions of the individual case. Each patient has to be considered individually, so care can be very different. If you have a two-step procedure, the recovery period will be 3-6 months.

What are the risks of implant treatment for your teeth?

As implantology is now part of the standard repertoire of most dentists, the risks are manageable. However, since implant treatment is a surgical procedure, complications cannot be ignored.

For example, the gums can become inflamed. Inflammation can spread to the jaw bone and even cause bone loss.

Before implant treatment, the dentist should inform you about possible dangers and make a detailed diagnosis.