Root Canal Turkey Price

Root Canal Turkey Price

If the pulp becomes inflamed, root canal treatment offers a chance to prevent tooth loss and preserve the diseased tooth, even if it is just dead. There are big differences in the techniques of root canal treatment, which of course also applies to the cost of the treatment.

Turkish holiday resorts are attracting more and more tourists, not only because of the Mediterranean beaches, but also for inexpensive dental treatments. Root canal Turkey price ranges from 100-150 €.

What is the cost of root canal treatment?

The more complex the procedure, the higher the price. This rule also applies to the calculation of root canal treatment. The most important Root canal Turkey price factors can be listed as follows:

• Treatment method or technique

• Filling material used

• Initial treatment or revision treatment

• Root canal treatment with or without root tip resection

• Position and shape of the tooth

Some of these factors depend on an appropriate diagnosis and cannot be changed. For example, the location and characteristics of the affected tooth. However, you have a lot of room for action in the chosen treatment plan.

Root canal Turkey price

How do Root canal Turkey price differ according to the chosen method?

Root canal treatment is a relatively complex procedure, but recommended in many cases. A root canal treated tooth can often remain in place for years or decades. Modern dentistry offers several methods of root canal treatment.

In the case of root canal treatment, you pay for puncturing the tooth enamel and roots, cleaning and sealing the root canals, and restoring the tooth crown with filling.

Root canals are traditionally prepared with nickel titanium hand tools. Before root canal treatment, you receive an individual treatment plan and cost estimate detailing all stages of work. The costs mentioned for this purpose include both the doctor’s fee and the costs of materials and equipment used.

Additional costs of root canal treatment result mainly from the use of special techniques and devices that improve the quality of treatment and thus increase the chances of success.

The special treatment methods applied in root canal treatment are as follows:

  • Electronic determination of root canal length
  • Use of surgical microscopes
  • Cleaning and disinfection of root canals with a dental laser or chemical-physical methods (e.g. ozonation)
Root canal Turkey price

How does the chosen material affect the Root canal Turkey price?

The materials used also affect the cost of root canal treatment. Root canals are always sealed with a special dental glue. Therefore, the material problem mainly concerns the reconstruction of the tooth crown, i.e. the visible part of the tooth.

In root canal treatment, the perforated crown is closed again. Traditionally, this is done with a conventional dental filling. Some dentists still use amalgam, a metal alloy containing mercury, especially in the invisible area of molars. At the Dentroyal Dental Clinic, we constantly produce modern, well-tolerated and at the same time aesthetic solutions. Instead of amalgam fillings, we also recommend composite or ceramic fillings for root canal treatment.

A solution that meets not only the functional but also aesthetic requirements for root canal treatment is more and more desirable. This is even more true if the root treated tooth is in the visible anterior or anterior lateral region.

Tooth-colored composites or ceramic fillings are suitable materials. Aesthetic fillings are usually more expensive because they are more complex and durable.

How much does revision therapy cost?

If initial root canal treatment fails, the tooth may need to be re-drilled. The canal may have been overlooked or not sufficiently cleaned to contain inflammation during the initial surgery. Revision therapy is complex and costly. However, in most cases it is recommended because if treatment fails, the tooth must be removed later.

What is the cost of root tip resection?

In root apex resection, the inflamed root tip of the tooth is surgically separated to close the root canal from below. Here, too, the costs depend on the time required and the complexity of the intervention.

Root canal Turkey price

How does the position of the tooth affect the cost of root canal treatment?

Finally, the cost of root canal treatment also depends on the location of the inflamed tooth in the jaw. This is related, on the one hand, to the number of root canals and, on the other hand, to the availability of a dentist.

Incisors and canines have only one root canal, while premolars can have up to three root canals, and molars can have up to six root canals.

During root canal treatment, each canal is prepared individually, i.e. lightly drilled, cleaned of pulp inflammation and disinfected..

As mentioned earlier in the section on filling materials, the cost of root canal treatment also depends on the location of the tooth. Since the rear part of the jaw is invisible, expensive filling materials can be dispensed with for root treatment. There is an attractive saving potential for price conscious patients.

While aesthetics plays a very small role in molars, aesthetic restorations are recommended for root canal treatment in the visible anterior region. Depending on the patient’s wishes, the cost may be slightly higher, because natural-colored fillings that perfectly match the natural tooth tissue are slightly more expensive.