Celebrities who changed with smile esthetics

Celebrities who changed with smile esthetics

Many names from the world of celebrities impress with their perfect smiles. Many of these smiles, which seem natural, are actually result of the hands of master dentists.

Katie Price: She is a passionate esthetics lover. She makes bold decisions for her esthetic appearance. Her esthetic smile has the signature of Turkish dentists.

Miley Cyrus: Years have made her appear younger and her teeth, which have a bright white appearance with the veneer, contributed greatly to this.

Hilary Duff:  The transformation of her teeth has started when she broke her front tooth with a microphone. Only one tooth was broken, but she preferred to have a magnificent smile by having all her teeth crowned.

Meghan Markle: Markle, had a gap between her front teeth which looked cute when she was a teenager, but she preferred to get rid of it in adulthood to have esthetic smile by getting veneers applied.

Nicolas Cage: He has such a brilliant smile. He encourages his fans with his smile. Does anyone disagree that his teeth played a leading role in Cage’s transformation?