Before deciding to choose a dental clinic abroad, for example a dental clinic in Turkey, and before starting treatment, we should inform ourselves well in advance. There are hundreds of dental clinics in Turkey, so it is very important to carefully check the quality of treatment and the necessary precautions in advance. Let us share some information about what criteria you can use to choose the best dental clinic in Izmir with the most affordable price-performance ratio.


The key criterion is the quality of the materials used. It is important what kind of implants are used and what material the crowns or bridges are made of. Because we will wear them in our mouths for a very long time. You should only visit clinics that work with premium materials and are CE certified. Manufacturers or clinics that use them frequently offer long warranty periods.


Another important issue is the guarantee. Even after the examination is performed perfectly, complications may arise, mainly due to individual circumstances. For this reason, we should choose a clinic where the guaranty issue is handled with care and where dentists are available for follow-up care.

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir


Before deciding to start treatment in a place, it is worth meeting with people who have been treated there before. In this way, the necessary trust can be built. For this reason, it is also recommended to check the opinions of former patients on the Internet.

Read customer reviews about the dental clinic. There you can find out about both positive and negative customer experiences. Many clinics share the views of real patients who have completed treatment on their websites or social media accounts. This allows you to see the results of people who have undergone various procedures.

Professional service

The essence of treatment is to treat the patient with respect. Due to negative experiences in childhood or adulthood, many people avoid meaningful dental treatment. For this reason, it is especially important for anxious patients that the rehabilitation of the teeth and jaw area is painless and does not strain the nerves. A good dentist should have excellent communication skills so that procedures can be explained in a non-threatening manner.

A good oral hygienist always knows what’s best for the patient. Listening to patients’ opinions is a good way to find a balance between professional judgment and individual preferences. This guarantees full customer satisfaction.

A reliable clinic will answer your questions or doubts within a few hours. It is characterized by service, professionalism and good organization, which is worth spending money on.

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir


As a patient, it is very important to always be informed about everything. It is very reassuring that the website of the clinic is well organized and already provides clear explanations to your question. It can be expected that today there is a sufficient quantity and quality of photos, both about the clinic and the doctors and staff. If we cannot get an immediate answer to everything, it would be good if you could communicate freely with the clinic staff and of course only in your mother tongue. A quick response is always a sign of the clinic’s trustworthiness, so you should always follow that route to be sure.


We should always find out about the chief doctor of the dental clinic, because he is the main person responsible for the quality of the teeth. The dentist’s qualifications should be listed as precisely as possible on the website.

A professional dentist must meet higher standards and strive for excellence in all areas of their specialization. You can get to know a good dentist thoroughly and professionally by spending time with each patient and by providing a calm and relaxing environment.

An experienced, well-trained dentist will never use the wrong materials or collaborate with a third-tier dental laboratory.

Patient reviews also say a lot about dentists, both professionally and personally. In this way, you can evaluate doctors in terms of attitude and reliability.

Best Dental Clinic in İzmir

First Consultation

When assessing the value for money, we must always put attention to the quality of the materials used, as well as the professionalism of doctors and staff, e.g. the way work is organized. If there is a possibility of a preliminary examination, the opinion can be obtained without any obligation.

When patients report to a new office, the dentist should conduct a detailed initial consultation. Questions are asked about existing diseases and possible treatment needs, such as caries, periodontitis, or other underlying diseases. A thorough initial examination is very helpful, so that the dentist can form his own picture of the health of the teeth and gums.

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