Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey

Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey

Dental implant surgery in Turkey – A person can lose teeth due to improper care, genetic factors that cause tooth decay, or gum disease throughout their lives. As a result of these losses, cavities are formed and the chewing function begins to deteriorate. Although removable dentures provide some degree of chewing, they also cause discomfort and aesthetic problems. Bridge systems also cause contact damage to the teeth through some degree of abrasion, with or without the use of abutments.

For these negative reasons, dental implants have emerged to replace lost teeth. A dental implant is a titanium screw system that provides a permanent dentures. Dental implants placed in the jaw bone function in the same way as your own teeth. Dental implants can be used instead of removable dentures in the case of single or multiple tooth defects. Thanks to a dental implant, it is also possible to treat defective teeth without touching adjacent healthy teeth.

Before Dental Implant Surgery

Before the implant surgery, a professional implant surgeon will carefully examine the teeth. Using X-ray images, the doctor examines the gums, nerves, and thus the structure of the jaw. If the examination shows that there is not enough bone in the jaw, first form the bone base by performing additional procedures. It is possible to perform the procedure on the same day or later after tooth extraction.

In addition, smoking has a negative effect on the performance of dental implants. Therefore, it is recommended that the patient quit smoking prior to surgery.

Dental implant surgery in Turkey

Preprosthetic Surgery / Bone Augmentation

When teeth are missing, bone material regresses over time and the jaw bone becomes thinner. In many cases, this not only makes it difficult to repair a standard denture, but can also prevent the dental implants from properly fitting in the jaw.

In such cases, the reconstruction of the lost bone material both supports the healing of the prosthetic bed and enables the attachment of dental implants to the jaw.

Pre-prosthetic surgery is used to improve the position of a prosthesis or implant. In addition to bone augmentation, you may need to remove bone margins or ligaments and muscles that are preventing the prosthesis from properly fitting.

During Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery in Turkey takes place in several stages. First of all, local anesthesia makes your jaw insensitive to pain. Then, with a small incision, the gingiva is opened from the appropriate point and the lower jaw is exposed. The exact position of the implants in the jaw bone is determined.

Many dentists today use a drilling template that is precisely tailored to the jaw bone and places the implant in the correct position. After the drilling template is applied to the chin, a place for implants is created using special burs of increasing size in the chin. Patients feel no pain, only the vibrations of the drill are felt. After drilling into the jaw bone, artificial tooth roots are screwed in and a cover is placed over the closed healing process.

After this stage, it is necessary to wait for the implant to become compatible with the jawbones. After healing, a veneer can be placed on the implant. The operation takes approximately 20 minutes for each tooth. Different lip structures may require additional surgery. Depending on them, the duration of the process may vary.

After Dental Implant Surgery in Turkey

Dental implant surgery in Turkey – You do not need to visit the dentist’s office after the surgery. However, patients should regularly use the medications given by their dentist and follow the doctor’s instructions. Chewing should be cautious for a day or two. Avoid eating very hard foods. Pay attention to oral and dental hygiene to promote a healthy healing process after dental implants. Dental implants are one of the treatment methods that uses the latest modern technology in long-term dentistry.

Dental implant surgery in Turkey

How much are the price of dental implant surgery in Turkey?

Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants do not slip off or cause bone loss over time as they bond to the jaw bone within months. In addition, dental implants improve the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Implants look like your natural teeth and increase your attractiveness.

The cost of dental implant surgery in Turkey is between £ 300 and £ 600 for each tooth. For this fee, you receive the highest quality implant material and professional dentistry.

How is the success of dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implant surgery in Turkey have a high success rate of up to 95%. To obtain good results, you should follow the recommendations of your dentist and take care of proper oral hygiene.

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