Teeth Implants Cost Turkey

Teeth Implants Cost Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has topped the list of countries that come to mind when it comes to “health tourism”. Finally, this also applies to dental treatment in Turkey. Most of the clinics in Turkey have a good technical level and highly qualified staff who are experts in many areas of medicine. For this reason, many people around the world prefer Turkey to find solutions to their health problems. Teeth implants cost Turkey are quite affordable. Therefore, it is frequently preferred by patients in Europe.

Dental treatment and dental implants in Turkey are in demand not only because of the low prices, but also because they offer thousands of tourists every year the possibility of combining attractive holiday opportunities in Turkey with the necessary dental treatment.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root placed in the jaw bone. Real dentures, such as a custom crown, are then firmly attached to it.

Implants that look natural and feel natural may be the best solution for missing teeth.

Teeth Implants Cost Turkey

What you need to know before your dental implant treatment in Turkey?

Dentistry has grown enormously in Turkey over the past 20 years, resulting in a large number of world-class oral surgeons and dentists with many years of experience.

Dental clinics in Turkey are comparable to five-star hotels. Unlike many European countries, clinics are fully equipped. It has its own X-ray machines and dental laboratories, i.e. implants, crowns, veneers, etc., the work can be done quickly and cheaply.

Turkey has excellent medical laboratories which is the most important factor in creating good teeth and jaw models and thus successful dental implants.

It should be remembered that implant treatment may take several months and require one or more surgical interventions. Therefore, you will likely have to travel to Turkey at least twice to see a dentist. Usually 2 days is enough for the first visit to Turkey, while for the second visit you should plan around 6 days. More than one visit may be required in more complex cases. Please take this into account when calculating travel and medical expenses.

International brands of implants are used in Turkey as in other countries. In addition to hundreds of international implant brands such as the Swiss brand Straumann, the German brand Bego and MegaGen, patients can choose from local Turkish brands. All of them have international guarantees and are certified. First of all, they differ in price and quality, and Turkish implants are the cheapest. The choice of the implant brand is entirely up to you.

An important point about dental implants is that they can only be safely placed when the tooth is surrounded by enough bone and tissue. If not, be prepared that treatment will take longer, more complex and more difficult.

In some complex cases, even a mega implant is recommended.

You can be sure that you are in good hands even in such complicated situations as there are highly competent, credible experts with many years of experience in Turkey.

Teeth Implants Cost Turkey

Dental implant treatment procedure in Turkey

Submit photos of your teeth and medical records as the first step in implant treatment in Turkey. An online consultation will then be arranged and the exact treatment will be explained to you.

Upon arrival in Turkey, you will go to the dental clinic for a comprehensive dental examination, which usually includes X-rays, 3D images, and models of the teeth and jaw. In this way, the clinic can create an implant customized to your needs.

The next day you go back to the dental clinic for treatment. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. First of all, a broken tooth is removed (if it was not previously removed). Depending on the individual situation, the implant is surgically placed in the jaw bone and the wound closes. In some cases, a bone graft may be necessary. Your dentist will inform you about further care.

Then you should wait about 3 months until the healing is completed and the dental implant fuses with the jaw bone. During your second visit to Turkey, you will come for new impressions for dental examination and preparation of a dental veneer.

You should come again the next day. The dentist will reopen the gums to secure the abutment to the dental implant. Then a new dental crown will be put on and fixed. Your dentist will advise you on follow-up care. After your treatment is over, you can return to your home country.

Teeth Implants Cost Turkey

How much do dental implants cost in Turkey?

The cost of a standard dental implant placement at our DentRoyal dental clinic is 330 euros per tooth. However, in some cases, the procedure may require additional processing. For this reason, you can get more detailed information about the process by sending a photo of your teeth and possible x-rays to our dentists.